We had a wonderful event on April 30th, 2022.  Thanks to all who participated.

The auction:  70 pieces of art were displayed at  KinoSaito gallery in Verplanck.  More were available on-line only.  Click on the red button for results!

The raffle:  The winner of a custom illustrated map by local artist Eleanor Kwei was chosen.

Learn what you can do to curb climate change

The Auction

KinoSaito Arts Center (See program schedule below)

The Raffle


Raffle winner was chosen at KinoSaito on April 30th in front of the crowd.


About the Artist:

Eleanor Kwei is a 14 year resident of Croton-on-Hudson, NY.  She has extensive experience with illustrated maps, starting with her career as a pen and ink illustrator for E.P. Dutton and Disney, on the Winnie the Pooh series of books for which she rendered previously non-existing illustrations in the style of Ernest H. Shepherd.  For the custom illustrated maps, Eleanor uses personal sketches, photography, referencing property survey maps (when available) drone footage (when available) Google Earth and Google maps. 

Learn what you can do to help curb climate change

Get your personal carbon footprint and tips on how to reduce

Here’s a sample of  actions you can take:

Transportation:  Take public transport, make your next car electric

Heating:  Get a home energy audit and plan to switch to an electric heat pump system

Electricity:  Purchase community solar, change to a zero carbon ESCO, install rooftop solar

Goods and Services:  Purchase less.  Be mindful of services and investments.

Food:  Eat less meat

Calculate your household carbon footprint and compare it to others!

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