Make it and take it!

By: Bob DeAngelis I believe we can fix some significant environmental issues by placing responsibility in the right place.  What I am proposing is a major change, but it is what is needed.  If you have a better idea, I would sincerely like to hear it.  The proposal for manufactured products is:  If you make it, you have to take…

Why NOT to Buy Bottled Water

By: Robert DeAngelis Why not?  It’s convenient.   Why not?  Because by purchasing bottled water we’re being hoodwinked, and at significant environmental cost.  Do you remember the folktale The Emperor’s New Clothes?   An Emperor gets duped into thinking he’s purchased magnificent clothes, which are only invisible to those who are stupid or incompetent.    As a result of a great con…

Three Steps to Sustainable Home Heating

By: Bob DeAngelis Photo credit: HeatSmart Westchester For much of history, we have burned things to heat our homes:  wood, oil and gas.  Now we know that burning fossil fuels contributes significantly to global warming as well as creating other forms of pollution.  So what option do we have? If I were building a new home, I would choose a…

Stepping Towards a Better Environment

By: Robert DeAngelis Let’s make the world a cleaner, safer and healthier place. Like Michael Jackson said many years ago, we need to look at the “man in the mirror.” Why blame someone else, or wait for others to drive change? If each of us steps up to our individual responsibility, we can collectively make a big difference, starting today….

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