Global Timetable for Fossil Fuel Phase-Out

Global Timetable for Fossil Fuel Phase-Out

By: Chandu Visweswariah A timely solution to our climate crisis can only be achieved by a rapid global phase-out of fossil fuels. Therefore, we urgently need international agreement on a timetable. Mankind has historically dealt with dangerous poisons like leaded gasoline, freon, carcinogens like PCBs, asbestos, and now it is time to firmly and permanently close the spigot on fossil…

Reining in the Juggernaut of Global Warming

By: Patty L. Buchanan The month of October reminds me of the need to take action urgently and galvanize around climate education and advocacy.  It was two years ago — October 2018 — that global scientists published the world’s most comprehensive report explaining the need for rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society if we are to…

The Beginning of the End of Fossil Fuels

By: Chandu Visweswariah The writing is on the wall: we are witnessing the beginning of the end of fossil fuels (as well as the beginning of the end of the internal combustion engine)! Fossil fuels are used in the electricity sector, transportation sector, for building heat and in industrial processes (like making cement and steel). By 2040, we need to…

Stepping Towards a Better Environment

By: Robert DeAngelis Let’s make the world a cleaner, safer and healthier place. Like Michael Jackson said many years ago, we need to look at the “man in the mirror.” Why blame someone else, or wait for others to drive change? If each of us steps up to our individual responsibility, we can collectively make a big difference, starting today….

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