Climate Induced Migration Brings a Moral Call to Action

By: Patty L. Buchanan* Scientists are able to measure and quantify the perilous rise in global mean temperatures caused by greenhouse gases.  Using climate models, they can predict risks to ecosystems, extreme weather events that bring severe heat, droughts, hurricanes, floods, and sea level rise connected to global warming.  Global warming changes habitats, which in turn compels migration of innumerable…

Croton100’s Growing Impact is Seeded in CURE100

By: Patty L. Buchanan Croton100 continues to grow in impact!  In addition to galvanizing our community through education and advocacy around carbon cutting campaigns, Croton100’s model to pair community action with data about carbon emissions by zip code is bringing together communities who share our vision.  From its inception, Croton100 envisioned the creation of a coalition of communities that would share use of…

Yorktown100 plans for a greener future

By: Katherine Borchert Yorktown100, a group of Yorktown residents, aims to reduce the town’s carbon emissions by 100 percent by 2040. “Green-house gas emissions have risen dramatically since the Industrial Revolution, causing a plethora of adverse effects” said member Cara Donohoe. “Gasses such as carbon dioxide are released as a by-product of fossil fuel combustion and trap heat in the…

Stepping Towards a Better Environment

By: Robert DeAngelis Let’s make the world a cleaner, safer and healthier place. Like Michael Jackson said many years ago, we need to look at the “man in the mirror.” Why blame someone else, or wait for others to drive change? If each of us steps up to our individual responsibility, we can collectively make a big difference, starting today….

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