Be Part of the Carbon Reduction Solution: Drive Electric

By: Patty L. Buchanan

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[Editor’s Note:  This is the fourth post in a series of articles about Electric Vehicles marking Croton100’s participation in National Drive Electric Week, September 26-October 4, 2020.]

The extreme weather events roiling the West, blowing down trees and buildings across the prairies and flooding the lowlands in the United States are a glimmer of the harm that will befall the eight billion people and millions of other species around the world in times to come.  We know the primary cause: greenhouse gas emissions from the extraction, transmission and burning of fossil fuels.  About 30% of these perilous emissions come from the transportation sector.  

Here in suburban New York, personal vehicles are the primary method of transportation.  In Croton almost all households have at least one vehicle, more than half of our households have two vehicles.  

According to NYSERDA, there are about 5,595 Electric vehicles (EVs- full battery and plug-in hybrids) in Westchester County, about 10% of the 54,694 State-wide.  In Croton we have a little over 100 EVs.  Overall, it appears that 2020 will have fewer new EVs on the road than 2019.

This has been an aberrational year in many ways due to the Covid19 pandemic.  To some extent the lockdown and economic downturn resulted in fewer miles driven (and flown), and overall reduced transportation emissions.  But still, the trend in broadening adoption of EVs is critically important to the imperative to reduce carbon emissions at a rapid and unprecedented rate.

So please consider that now is the time to lean in.  Can you be part of the solution rather than the global warming problem?  The path to yes includes using electric transportation rather than fossil fueled vehicles.

There are wonderful sources to learn about available models, rebates and charging discounts on Sustainable Westchester’s Clean Transportation website and torrents of information via Mr. Google, or just ask Siri.  Heck, you can even read some of our archived blogs.  

Some readers might feel this is not a realistic time to transition to an EV.  For some people it may be because they are financially strapped and not in the market to buy a new car, some readers may be among the 30% of renters in Croton and may think that access to a charging station is not a realistic option.  These may be good reasons to move a little slower than those who can jump right in.  Croton100 would like to work with renters to advocate for more access to charging stations.  Even if you are not yet an EV owner, you can help Croton100 in its EV campaign.  Reach out to us, meet us, join us in finding solutions to the barriers that may be impeding this necessary transition.  [email protected].

And there are still steps people who see insurmountable barriers can take.  Start educating yourself now, plant the seed for when the circumstances may be right for you.  As part of National Drive Electric Week come to Croton100’s EV shows today (Saturday, September 26) and tomorrow (Sunday, September 27). Discuss EVs with people who own them. 

And, how about making a commitment to visiting an auto dealer to test drive an EV, or maybe ask a friend who owns one.  Think about leasing rather than buying an EV, consider buying a pre-owned EV.  Even if you are not in the market today, plant a seed in yourself now that may lead you to your next carbon emission step-down.  

It is imperative that we all take rapid, far reaching, unprecedented actionto avert the worst of the impacts of global warming.  In this coming week, we observe Mahatma Gandhi’s birth on October 2.  When you ask yourself, do I want to be part of the carbon emissions problem or the solution, remember the sentiment expressed by Mahatma Gandhi:  

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